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25th February 2005

allycelestastar7:10pm: A buncha STUFF.
Geometry class people, 6-7th period.

Sean: SNOW. : points at window :
Allegra: : schoolgirl reaction : SNOW!
Sybil: ...
Sean: Can we have class on the Turf?
Mr. Inaltong: ...no.
Sean: : thought he said yes : OKAY! I'LL GO CHECK!
Mr. Inaltong: Wait! Sean! : watches Sean run out : Oh boy. When he comes back, pretend you guys are taking a quiz.
Rest of the class: : cackles :

Sean eventually comes back.

Mr. Inaltong: So I'm writing the problem on the board. You guys need to solve it.
Sean: ...what's going on?
Allegra: We're having a POP QUIZ, Sean. Thanks a lot for running out on us!
Sean: What?!
Dan: Yeah. Because you ran out of the class room, we're having a pop quiz!
Sean: Oh....sorry.
Class: : snickers :
Mr. Inaltong: : snickers :
Sean: : oblivious :

So we do the problem etc, then solve it on the board. Mr. Inaltong then moves to collect Sean's paper and grade it.

Mr. Inaltong: ...just kidding. It was a joke.
Sean: : deep sign of relief :
Class: : MOCKS :

Later, Mr. Inaltong puts us in groups of three. Much to David (Steinhardt)'s protests, he and I are placed in Sean's group. We go on solving the problems normally, eventually making light, good-humored cracks at each other, but still working.

David: How did you get that, Allegra?
Allegra: What, that all of the sides are equal?
David: Yeah. I mean, it's not like it's a square.
Allegra: : pauses, then points to "Given: ABED is a Square" :
David: Oh. Ha. Haha. : starts doing a fake laugh :
Allegra: : joins :
Rest of the class: : silence :
Mr. Inaltong: ...you know, I expected that from David or Sean, but I didn't expect that from YOU.
Allegra: Well, David's an idiot.
David: HEY!

We do a bit more work, then get bored and start doing nothing.

David: So, how's Theater III for you guys?
Allegra: Fine.
Sean: How's Theater II?
David: ...amusing.
Allegra: : smirks knowingly :
David: Yeah. Amusing.
Sean: You should take Theater III next year. Gilbert is REALLY funny.
Allegra: Who do you prefer, Gilbert or Williams?
Sean: Gilbert.
Allegra: Same.
Sean: I mean, I feel as though Gilbert's just a bit more knowing about how to deal with us, but Williams was CRAZY.
Allegra: You know, Sean, I was sitting in my room one evening, and I heard someone yelling from the alley by my building: "HEY! BIG DOG!" (Context= Big Dog was the guys' nickname for Williams last year)
Sean: : laughs : I remember that.
Allegra: I wasn't it Mean Dog though? Something like: "You guys may be the BIG dogs, but I'm the MEAN dog?"
Sean: No, I'm pretty sure it was Big Dog. : pause : You should say that to him tomorrow.
David: Who, me?
Allegra: Yeah. Call him Big Dog! Then ask him if he has the cookies! (Context= Finding the cookies was also a big Theater II joke last year)
Sean: Say: "Hey Big Dog! Find the cookies!"
Sean and Allegra: : plotting :
David: Is he going to get pissed for the rest of the class if I say that?
Allegra: Oh no no no no no. He'll probably just laugh and ask you where you heard that from.

The conversation shifts to Sean and David playing the movie game. I watch, amused, doing some of the proofs on the sheet.

Our. Class. Is. On. Crack.
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28th February 2005

allycelestastar12:40pm: ARGGHGHGHGH
Sigs, Allegra, Molly, and Sophie by the toaster in the lunch room
(Context: Sigs was at a conference in San Diego last week, so wasn't there.)

Allegra: Oh, Dr. Sigismondi! When's the lab due?
Sigs: Do you have class today?
Allegra: No, that's HER group. : points to Molly :
Sigs: Then it's due on Tuesday.
Allegra: Tomorrow. Yes--WAIT A SECOND. You're TAN. You were TANNING IN SAN DIEGO!
Allegra: : cackles evilly :
Molly and Sophie: Heh.


Allegra, Sophie, and Molly (O'Malley) in the girl's bathroom.

Allegra is asking Molly about the lab they did last week.
Molly: No, you guys flipped it the wrong way.
Allegra: Oh FUCK.
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 1: I HEARD THAT!
Molly and Sophie: OMFGROTFLMAO.
Allegra: : bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuush :
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 2: What?
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 1: Someone said a BAD WORD!
Molly: Allegra....
Allegra: : runs out of the bathroom in shame :
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31st January 2005

allycelestastar9:06am: No more fucking ABBA!
Scene: Yesterday afternoon in the car
Characters: Allegra, her parents, her dog.

Allegra: Dad, let's listen to my IPod now!
Dad: Okay! : pulls out the shiny new IPod radio thing : : sets up Allegra's IPod :
Allegra and Mom: :3 ABBA TIME!
Dad: Nonononononononononononononono!
Mom: Oh, come on, Mark, only one song!
Dad: ...fine. ONE SONG.
Allegra: Go ahead, Mom, your pick!
Mom: Hmmm.... Oooh! I know! : chooses song :
Dad: ...what is this? This isn't "Can you hear the drums Fernando," is it?
Allegra and Mom: : cackle evilly :
Allegra and Mom: : dance to Fernando :
Dad: : repeatedly hits head against car horn :
Lucy: : sighs :

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18th January 2005

allycelestastar11:24am: Location: Chorus Room
People: Chamber Singers (mainly the Soprano section, made up of Allegra, Sophie, Emily, and Aastha) and Rup.

Chamber Singers are going over a piece in the Mass in G.
David: Ah! What! All of these G's!
Soprano section: YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA.
David: : ignores :
Emily: : to the sopranos : Well, it is in a men's voice part....
Allegra: So? Do you see what we have to do? F's and G's and A's for 5 measures! 5!
David: : complains to Rup :
Rup: Yeah, I think the Sopranos are saying: "Welcome to our world."
Allegra: Preach it.
Rup: Now that we've gone over the rhythm, I'm going to have you guys site-read the notes.
They do so.
Allegra: Ah! WTF!
Aastha: Yeah, ALLEGRA, what were you doing there?
Allegra: I don't know, but you guys were doing the same thing!
Sophie: Burn.
They sing again.
Allegra: Wow, I just totally fucked up again. I just kept on hitting the same note, and was like: "Wow, this isn't right."
Aastha: Yeah. I mean, it was bound to be right at least once!

Also, earlier:
Allegra: Hey, Emily! Get your elbow out of my personal space!
Emily: : sprawls herself all over Allegra :
Aastha: : mocks :

Which reminds us of many instances similar to this:
Emily: Allegra, quit resting your elbow on my table! You're in my personal space!
Allegra: But--
Emily: No but's!
Allegra: I--
Emily: Don't wanna hear it!
Allegra: : grumbles :

But, most importantly.
Allegra and Emily: : talking about Sirius going missing/dying :
Emily: Yeah, there was definitely something going on--
Allegra: Between Remus and Sirius!
Emily: ...no, the curtain.
Allegra: ...AND Remus and Sirius.
Emily: No there wasn't.
Allegra: Yes there was.
Emily: No there wasn't.
Allegra: Yes there was.

Et cetera...
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16th December 2004

allycelestastar6:46am: Fun Friday Fun ... ness.
11 PM, Friday Night, 72nd and CPW.
Players: Allegra, Lauren, Hannah, and Alice.

Lauren: Ech! I can't get a cab.
Hannah: You can't hail cabs, Lauren. Let me do this.
Allegra: You know, last time I did the can-can, I managed to attract a cab. Let me try it again....
She starts to can-can. However, since she was wearing heels last time and mocassins this time, the mocassin went flying off of her foot, soaring over Hannah and Alice, and landing perfectly on the ground next to Alice. Silence.
Allegra: Oh my.
Alice: What just happened?
Hannah: Allegra, you IDIOT!
Lauren: Wouldn't it be funny if the shoe hit someone's windshield, and they crashed?
Allegra: : guilt trip :
Lauren: Oh, look, a cab.
Alice: I don't see a cab.
Hannah: Neither do I. Hence, it is not there.
Lauren: No, see, there it is!
Allegra: Oh. OH! Yeah, there it is.
Hannah: It materialized out of nowhere. It must be a cab of SATAN.

Some time at Saigon Grill.
A bunch of people.

Andrea: It's time to open presents!
Allegra: : wooooooo! : Open mine! Wait, where's the card? It's on the floor. Take it out.
Andrea: Meep? : opens card : Oh, wow, interpretive dance!
Allegra: ^_^
Andrea: From Ally Celesta! staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.
Allegra: I'll just tell you the gift now. It's a secret passage. It goes to England.

(In reality, I got her lip gloss, earrings, and more bangles. SHINY bangles. After briefly wondering why the hell I bought Ang more bangles, everyone stood in awe at the SHINYness.)
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14th December 2004

allycelestastar10:42am: Just before Chorus:
Rup: Hey, Allegra, can you erase the board for me? When I went to erase it earlier, I started getting these pains in my neck....
Allegra: Ooh, I'm sorry! What happened? Sleep on it badly?
Rup: Yeah, it was a little tense this morning when I woke up. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm conducting today. If I start wincing when you guys are singing, it's because it's cramping again, not because you suck.

After Theater:
Allegra: I'm sorry if I slapped you, Sean! I thought you were going to move your head!

After Chamber Singers Rehearsal:
Mrs. Ruedy: Oh, Allegra, you look all happy and bright, wearing yellow!
Allegra: NOOOOO! THE COMPUTER LAB IS CLOSED! : leans with her forehead against the door, banging her fist :
Mrs. Ruedy: ...
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