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The Us Show!

The Internet Sitcom

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Yeah ... our lives are so weird, we're starting a blog.

The Us Show: A New Internet Sitcom

The lives of the members of this community function as a sitcom; there are certain locations where all the action happens, and certain groups in which things happen.

The scenes are:

1. Cafeteria
2. The Bench
3. The Computer Lab
4. Home
5. A Chinese Restaurant, usually Ollie's, Pick Up Stix, or 88 Noodle

The players are:

Allegra: She loves the spotlight.
Andrea: All her fantasy men are gay, dead, or fictional. In most cases, all three.
Anya: She goes to MIT. Enough said.
Kelsey: Not as innocent as she looks.
Hannah: As evil as she looks.
Anna: Hannah's antithesis.
Lauren: Famous, or will be.
Marjory: Her loudness makes up for her height--or lack thereof.
and guests...

Frequent occurances are:

1. Kelsey and Lauren's Lunch Review
2. Anya' work schedule
3. Allegra and Marjory's hyperactivity
4. Meals at Chinese restaurants
5. Andrea and Anya's eating habits.
6. Discussions of kind classmates

While the exact quotes in each "Scene" may not be exact, the situations did occur.