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25th February 2005

allycelestastar7:10pm: A buncha STUFF.
Geometry class people, 6-7th period.

Sean: SNOW. : points at window :
Allegra: : schoolgirl reaction : SNOW!
Sybil: ...
Sean: Can we have class on the Turf?
Mr. Inaltong: ...no.
Sean: : thought he said yes : OKAY! I'LL GO CHECK!
Mr. Inaltong: Wait! Sean! : watches Sean run out : Oh boy. When he comes back, pretend you guys are taking a quiz.
Rest of the class: : cackles :

Sean eventually comes back.

Mr. Inaltong: So I'm writing the problem on the board. You guys need to solve it.
Sean: ...what's going on?
Allegra: We're having a POP QUIZ, Sean. Thanks a lot for running out on us!
Sean: What?!
Dan: Yeah. Because you ran out of the class room, we're having a pop quiz!
Sean: Oh....sorry.
Class: : snickers :
Mr. Inaltong: : snickers :
Sean: : oblivious :

So we do the problem etc, then solve it on the board. Mr. Inaltong then moves to collect Sean's paper and grade it.

Mr. Inaltong: ...just kidding. It was a joke.
Sean: : deep sign of relief :
Class: : MOCKS :

Later, Mr. Inaltong puts us in groups of three. Much to David (Steinhardt)'s protests, he and I are placed in Sean's group. We go on solving the problems normally, eventually making light, good-humored cracks at each other, but still working.

David: How did you get that, Allegra?
Allegra: What, that all of the sides are equal?
David: Yeah. I mean, it's not like it's a square.
Allegra: : pauses, then points to "Given: ABED is a Square" :
David: Oh. Ha. Haha. : starts doing a fake laugh :
Allegra: : joins :
Rest of the class: : silence :
Mr. Inaltong: ...you know, I expected that from David or Sean, but I didn't expect that from YOU.
Allegra: Well, David's an idiot.
David: HEY!

We do a bit more work, then get bored and start doing nothing.

David: So, how's Theater III for you guys?
Allegra: Fine.
Sean: How's Theater II?
David: ...amusing.
Allegra: : smirks knowingly :
David: Yeah. Amusing.
Sean: You should take Theater III next year. Gilbert is REALLY funny.
Allegra: Who do you prefer, Gilbert or Williams?
Sean: Gilbert.
Allegra: Same.
Sean: I mean, I feel as though Gilbert's just a bit more knowing about how to deal with us, but Williams was CRAZY.
Allegra: You know, Sean, I was sitting in my room one evening, and I heard someone yelling from the alley by my building: "HEY! BIG DOG!" (Context= Big Dog was the guys' nickname for Williams last year)
Sean: : laughs : I remember that.
Allegra: I wasn't it Mean Dog though? Something like: "You guys may be the BIG dogs, but I'm the MEAN dog?"
Sean: No, I'm pretty sure it was Big Dog. : pause : You should say that to him tomorrow.
David: Who, me?
Allegra: Yeah. Call him Big Dog! Then ask him if he has the cookies! (Context= Finding the cookies was also a big Theater II joke last year)
Sean: Say: "Hey Big Dog! Find the cookies!"
Sean and Allegra: : plotting :
David: Is he going to get pissed for the rest of the class if I say that?
Allegra: Oh no no no no no. He'll probably just laugh and ask you where you heard that from.

The conversation shifts to Sean and David playing the movie game. I watch, amused, doing some of the proofs on the sheet.

Our. Class. Is. On. Crack.
Current Mood: amused

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28th February 2005

allycelestastar12:40pm: ARGGHGHGHGH
Sigs, Allegra, Molly, and Sophie by the toaster in the lunch room
(Context: Sigs was at a conference in San Diego last week, so wasn't there.)

Allegra: Oh, Dr. Sigismondi! When's the lab due?
Sigs: Do you have class today?
Allegra: No, that's HER group. : points to Molly :
Sigs: Then it's due on Tuesday.
Allegra: Tomorrow. Yes--WAIT A SECOND. You're TAN. You were TANNING IN SAN DIEGO!
Allegra: : cackles evilly :
Molly and Sophie: Heh.


Allegra, Sophie, and Molly (O'Malley) in the girl's bathroom.

Allegra is asking Molly about the lab they did last week.
Molly: No, you guys flipped it the wrong way.
Allegra: Oh FUCK.
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 1: I HEARD THAT!
Molly and Sophie: OMFGROTFLMAO.
Allegra: : bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuush :
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 2: What?
Random Lower Schooler in a stall 1: Someone said a BAD WORD!
Molly: Allegra....
Allegra: : runs out of the bathroom in shame :
Current Mood: embarrassed

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31st January 2005

allycelestastar9:06am: No more fucking ABBA!
Scene: Yesterday afternoon in the car
Characters: Allegra, her parents, her dog.

Allegra: Dad, let's listen to my IPod now!
Dad: Okay! : pulls out the shiny new IPod radio thing : : sets up Allegra's IPod :
Allegra and Mom: :3 ABBA TIME!
Dad: Nonononononononononononononono!
Mom: Oh, come on, Mark, only one song!
Dad: ...fine. ONE SONG.
Allegra: Go ahead, Mom, your pick!
Mom: Hmmm.... Oooh! I know! : chooses song :
Dad: ...what is this? This isn't "Can you hear the drums Fernando," is it?
Allegra and Mom: : cackle evilly :
Allegra and Mom: : dance to Fernando :
Dad: : repeatedly hits head against car horn :
Lucy: : sighs :

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